Baby Friendly Hospital Furniture

Since 2008 Leura srl has specialized in hospital solutions for mothers and babies useful in maternity and neonatology units. Our Made in Italy products have been designed by the architect Mitzi Bollani at the request of Italian and foreign hospitals to facilitate the starting of maternal bonding, promote the care of newborns, simplify the practice of rooming-in 24 hours a day and respond to all health, safety and cleanliness needs of health facilities.

Leura srl also provides multi-sensory furnishings for delivery rooms, centers for the elderly and disabled people, which lead the user to a condition of deep regeneration and total relaxation, improving mood, concentration, behavior and self-esteem. Multi-sensory activation facilitates interaction and communication, produces in the person a decrease in apathy, restlessness, confusion and compulsive or negative attitudes.

Finally, Leura srl offers a range of furnishings for common areas, waiting rooms and outdoor spaces that stand out for their functionality combined with ergonomics and a unique, easily recognizable and captivating design that also facilitates people’s orientation.