Sign On

Sign On is a digital illustration created on customer demand to emotionally qualify any space, by using the optical illusions of the drawing. In this way, even small rooms without windows become extremely welcoming. The illustrations can be placed on walls and ceilings, eliminating the box effect and the measurability of the rooms. Sign On creates energetically positive and emotional environments and allows people to quickly renovate the spaces: no demolition is required, just a smooth wall.

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The Sign On illustrations are printed on PVC films with high adhesive tack stabilized over time and protected with UV transparent film. The films are non-toxic, antibacterial, flame retardant and easy to wash. Its laying is performed by specialized teams and it guarantees the continuity of illustrations on walls, ceilings, doors, furniture…

Every Space Offers an Emotion

Get Lost in a Story

Play with Colors

Have Fun with the “Out of Scale” Illustrations

Choose a Favorite Animal

Sign On Educational: Create Unusual Worlds and Send Your Message


Helpful Design

Sign On expands the space perception through the illusions of its illustration. It transforms anonymous and highly technological environments, bringing warmth and emotion. Its laying does not require demolition, but only smooth walls. It is a fire-resistant and washable product.

Its Story

Sign On is a Mitzi Bollani’s project, born at some customers request to humanizing and qualifying small rooms. The Sign On Educational version allows people to convey educational messages using walls.

Emotional Values

Sign On illustrations develop as a continuous pencil mark, followed by watercolor brush strokes. This is how the delicate games of transparency and immediate expressive power are born. When illustrations entirely cover ceiling and walls, they create an enveloping, stimulating and wider world.

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