Finferlo is an ischial chair with a colored, rounded and captivating shape. Its height lets people sit and get up easily, its inclination favors the anteversion of the pelvis and a better alignment of the spine. Aged people, pregnant women, people with heart problems need frequent stops! Finferlo is a decorative seat placeable outdoors or indoors in a row or in a group along sloping paths or in squares, parks…



The ischial seat for outdoors Finferlo has a structure made of curved stainless steel tubing and the seat is in cast aluminum, painted with thermosetting powders for exteriors. Colors: yellow and red.

Group or Online

Sitting and standing up easily

Seat and game for children

Colorful and Simple

Parks, Woods and Undergrounds

Squares and Museums

Hospitals, Malls and Airports

Helpful Design

The Finferlo height allows you to sit and get up easily, its inclination favors the anti-version of your pelvis and the alignment of your spine. Its session relieves fatigue from standing for a long time.

Emotional values

Finferlo is a minimalist ischial seat and it is easy to place in line or in a group for informal relaxing moments. Its attractive shape suggests various game modes to children. Finferlo also allows you to tie here your bicycle during a stop.

His own Story

The ischial session of Finferlo was designed by Mitzi Bollani to equip those places where traditional benches are difficult to position: steeply sloping paths, narrow sidewalks, long, narrow or very busy corridors, but also naturalistic observatories, parks, squares, gardens public…

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 28 × 26,5 × 71 cm

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