Giano is an ergonomic chair that supports your spine and allows you to sit 360°. Its flexibility increases your comfort. The folds of the seat are transformed into useful compartments to keep everything under control (books, notebooks, backpacks) and its multi-directionality promotes socialization. Giano is suitable for outdoor and indoor public spaces, WiFi zones and for office use; it is an original furnishing solution also at home.



Cod. 30.110 Giano – The ergonomic chair is made of a laser cut steel sheet then folded. It is available in the following finishes: painted type corten, white color or any RAL color. Leura also creates pictorial finishes for you.

Sit as you like it

Discover the Original Pictorial Versions

Its back is a practical shelf

Its Curves: Comfortable Storage Shelves

One Chair for All

Helpful Design

The Giano ergonomic chair correctly supports the spine, allows to unload body weight on the legs and you to keep books, laptops, bags… under control thanks to the shelves obtained in its curves.

Emotional Values

soft and fluid shape makes it extremely attractive. It is surprising to find it very comfortable, since Giano is made of iron. It is precisely the flexibility given by its shape that offers maximum comfort to the person.

Its History

Giano has been designed in profile by the architect Mitzi Bollani with the intention of never detaching the pencil from her sheet. The folds of the seat become useful compartments for placing books, bags or PC on it.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 75 cm