The MimmaMà breastfeeding armchair is the only one specifically designed to help women correctly and effortlessly keep a baby or two twins at the same time in every breastfeeding positios. The ergonomic seat relieves mothers’ postural and post-partum pains and offers support to the shoulders, arms, back and lumbar area. MimmaMà is a Medical Device with CE Declaration that is fireproof and easy to sanitize.

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MimmaMà is an ergonomic breatsfeeding armchair which allows women to keep every breastfeeding position for a long time without postural pains and pressure on the perineum. That is why it is ideal during the prodromal phase of childbirth and for postpartum. Each MimmaMà model is registered as a Medical Device, has the EC Declaration and is available in lilac, white, yellow, green and fuchsia colors. ACCESSORIES: Tuki footrest and MaBeby breastfeeding pillow.

Breastfeeding Armchair: Ergonomic Values of MimmaMà®

Protect the Maternal Bonding

Poltrona per Allattamento Bianca
Poltrona per allattamento gialla
Poltrona per allattamento lilla
Poltrona per allattamento verde

Comfort for Everyone

Poltrona per allattamento ergonomica
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100% Made in Italy Breastfeeding Armchair

Poltrona per allattamento - Breastfeeding armchair - Stillstuhl - Sillón de lactancia - Fauteuil d'allaitement
Poltrona per allattamento - Breastfeeding armchair - Stillstuhl - Sillón de lactancia - Fauteuil d'allaitement
Poltrona per allattamento girevole
Poltrona per allattamento ergonomica

Breastfeeding armchair, where? In the Hospital and in Every Place of Life

Labor Room

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Delivery Room

Poltrona per allattamento sala parto

Breastfeeding Room

Maternity & Obstetrics

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Neonatology & N.I.C.U.

Consulting Rooms

Common Areas


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Shopping Centers

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Museums & Libraries


Open Spaces

Helpful Design

The modeling of MimmaMà® avoids postural pains and relieves postpartum ones, reducing pressure on the perineum, unloading body weight on the legs and offering excellent support to arms, back and shoulders.

Emotional Values

The shape of MimmaMà® recalls the image of a woman who welcomes the new mother on her womb, protecting and supporting her during breastfeeding. “A hug, a gift, a wish, an help.” – was the idea of the designer Mitzi Bollani./p>

Its Story

MimmaMà® was designed in 2007 by Mitzi Bollani at the request of Dr. Stefania Sani of Pistoia Hospital, who wanted to respond to the women’s difficulties with the aim of facilitating and prolonging the breastfeeding period.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 74 × 67 × 93 cm

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