BimMa is a baby bed for intensive and sub-intensive neonatal therapy. The transparent and removable sides, which are placeable at different heights, allow the hospital staff to constantly monitor the newborns and to promptly intervene on them in case of urgency. BimMa allows Trendelenburg or Anti-Trendelenburg position. A practical shelf for objects placed on the base of the bed allows the use of devices for pediatric therapies.



Cod.50.150BM – Bimma is a baby bed composed of a load-bearing iron structure painted in RAL colors, equipped with four wheels with brake and four sides in compact transparent polycarbonate. Accessories: fireproof mattress, articulated arm for IV drip, storage compartment.

Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg Position

Manual movement of the under-mattress shelf allows Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg positions.

Handling of Lateral Sides

The lateral sides of the bed can be positioned at four different heights according to the needs and age of the newborn inside it.

Helpful Design

Large laser-cut holes made in the sides facilitate their handling, while smaller circular holes allow the passage of cables and catheters.

Emotional Values

A whale with her cub is drawn on the bed. In nature they are a strong example of maternal bonding: the mother cares for her baby with tenderness, without losing sight of it.

Its Story

BimMa has been studied by Mitzi Bollani at the request of Dr. Anna Portanova of the Department of Medical-Surgical Neonatology of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital.

The BimMa baby bed meets all hospital requirements and combines them with an emotional aspect, important for parents of young patients who face a moment of particular stress. Simple, linear, easy to use and clean BimMa is a Medical Device with EC Declaration.

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