MaBim Twins

MaBim Twins is a hospital cot for term-born twins, which allows them to continue their special relationship created in the mother’s belly: the co-bedding of the twins affects the regulation of body temperature and their sleep cycle, allowing them to calm each other down. Made of transparent material and with openings useful for handling and pushing the cradle, MaBim Twins is placed next to the mother’s bed, surmounting the mattress, with the side open to allow direct contact of newborns with the mom, who can effortlessly take them in arms during rooming-in and co-sleeping.



The MaBim Twins cot for twins is a medical device with CE declaration. The cradle has holes along the sides and on the top that facilitate the cleaning and passage of cables and catheters, so it can be used with heated or phototherapy mattresses. MaBim Twins has wheels with double action brakes for total locking and the shape of its base is designed to allow the approach of parents in wheelchairs.

MaBim Twins is available with variable height or in a cheaper version with fixed height and in the single model MaBim.

The MaBim Twins cots can be accessorized with: MaBy Twins fireproof mattress, storage shelf, name tags, top for Trendelenburg position and finally transparent cover to protect the newborn during transport.


MaBim Twins with Variable Height
The variable height version of the MaBim Twins cot for twins – designed by Mitzi Bollani – has a gas lift system, so it easily adapts to any bed and also allows doctors to visit the twins by leaving them lying in the cot.

MaBim Twins 52.120MBT: twin cradle with variable height.
Total size: (LxWxH) 75x59x86/116cm. Cot size: (LxWxH) 75x59x28cm. Cot floor size: (LxW) 68x50cm.

MaBim Twins with Fixed Height
The fixed height bassinet is cheaper. To offer the mother the most comfortable position for co-sleeping with the children, her bed must be stopped at the right height: the one that allows the cradle to surmount the mattress.

MaBim Twins 53.120MBT: twin cradle with fixed height.
Total size: (LxWxH) 75x59x98cm. Cot size: (LxWxH) 75x59x28cm. Floor cot size: (LxW) 68x50cm.

Helpful Design

MaBim Twins allows face-to-face contact between mom and twins thanks to the rotating opening side. The cot comes close to beds and wheelchairs. It allows doctors to visit twins without moving them from the crib.

Emotional Values

MaBim Twins combines high performance with the poetic shape of wooden cots, mitigating the hospital look. Transparent, it allows twins to observe the outside world and parents to always monitor them.

Its Story

MaBim Twins is a Medical Device with CE Declaration, designed by Mitzi Bollani at the request of Italian and foreign hospitals for twin co-bedding, it has obtained positive feedback all over the world.

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