NiDondolo is a movement game for all: it is a swing and at the same time a carousel accessible to children, teenagers and adults with and without disabilities. NiDondolo combines emotion, safety and speed thanks to its free movement (swinging, tilting and rotating) and the possibility of playing in a group: 25 children or an entire family can have fun together on all fours, lying down, sitting or standing according to their skills.

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NiDondolo is a game for indoors and outdoors that does not require floor fixing to guarantee stability, it complies with EN 1176-1: 2008 and EN 1176-5: 2008. It has the Designed for You&All trademark. NiDondolo is an example of good practice “Design for All” recognized by ECA European Concept for Accessibility 2013 and Zero Project 2014.

Carousel and Swing for Children with and without Disabilities in Parks for All

Speed, Safety, Fun and Integration: this Challenge is called NiDondolo.

A Touch is enough to Bring NiDondolo to Life

A Game for the Whole Family

With and without Disabilities: for Everyone

Playing Autonomously!

Laughing Together

A Game of Emotion that stimulates the Senses

For Children with Spina Bifida

Free Movement

Kids, Teens, Adults: Have Fun Together!

In the Hospital: for the Neurophysical Rehabilitation of Children

Helpful Design

NiDondolo allows children with and without disabilities to play together favoring their spontaneous integration. It is an active game that develops proprioception: for this reason it is also a useful tool for neuro-motor stimulation and rehabilitation.

Emotional Values

NiDondolo offers the thrill of speed and stimulates all the senses thanks to the soft coating, the light noise that produces its movement and the world that turns around. It is pushed effortlessly and used independently by children and adults even with disabilities.

Its Story

NiDondolo has been designed by Mitzi Bollani in 2004 on behalf of the Associazione Spina Bifida Italia ASBI, which asked for a game for children with spina bifida. The first carousel was presented in 2006 with the campaign “A NiDondolo where there is a child”.

Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 190 × 190 × 47 cm