Snoezelen multi-sensorial rooms

The Snoezelen multi-sensorial rooms are spaces where sounds, lights, temperatures and aromas can be managed to stimulate people’s senses, creating sensations of well-being and facilitating their cognitive rehabilitation. In these rooms it is possible to influence people’s levels of neurophysiological arousal, relieve stress, anxiety or pain. Each Snoezelen environment aims to maximize the individual concentration , leading him to react to situations, things and people placed in his environment, with an adaptive response that is a dynamic process in continuous evolution.



Leura srl products have highvalues of performance , safety and flexibility of use. All the soft equipment is covered with washable and easily sanitized fabrics. The products materials are robust and the products can be used for different modes of therapy: play, relaxation, tactile and visual activity as well as manual skills and coordination.

The multi-sensory environments Snoezelen are pleasantly relaxing for everyone and they are a key to facilitating the therapy of subjects with stress, anxiety associated with substance abuse, dementia, developmental disabilities, autism, attention deficit disorders and / or hyperactivity (ADHD), post-traumatic disorders. These subjects have a hypersensitivity (too much) or a hyposensitivity (too little) to the normal sensory experience of life: they are uncomfortable with their bodies and unable to relax, they show demanding behavior or express dissatisfaction.

The MSE (Multi-Sensory Environment) is composed of different sensory devices that collaborate in memory recovery: they are used to induce a state of relaxation and / or stress reduction. Carefully orchestrated, they allow you to work with the person’s sensory diet, or the multi-sensory experience that is sought daily to meet the need for self-regulation. The stimulation is increased or decreased to meet the individual’s need, intervening on his primary senses: hearing, sight, smell, touch and vestibular system. In its initial phase, the MSE is passive but has the potential to become a highly interactive environment.

The multi-sensory environment Snoezelen offers people with cognitive disabilities and all those who experience particular conditions of fragility the opportunity to enjoy and control a variety of sensory experiences. These people rarely experience the world as most of us do. The limitations of movement, sight, hearing, cognitive ability, behavioral difficulties, perception, pain and other problems are obstacles to their enjoyment of life. Multi-sensory stimulation offers the opportunity to overcome their barriers.

In recent years, the Snoezelen methodology has also produced interesting results on a growing number of Alzheimer’s patients, highlighting improvements in their activities, such as bathing them. The use of interactive bubble columns, fake aquariums, clouds suspended above the bathtub, vibromusic systems, allows operators to start real story telling paths, which lead the patient to enter the water in a willing and without resistances. Once the entry into the tank is obtained, the water performs its powerful relaxation action also through light manipulations of the operators on the people and a constant conversation with them.

For cognitive and sensorial stimulation we recommend furnishing the Snoezelen room with a comfortable and enveloping armchair, a horizontal bed frame suitable for movement stimulations and proprioception activities, curtains and materials for tactile experiences, instruments for lighting effects, which can be regulated both by the therapist and people,who benefit from sensory stimulation. The white color of the room and its furnishings will allow you to project different color effects and scenarios more easily.

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