Who We Are

Leura s.r.l. is a dynamic company that captures the needs of the users, to design and realise products which create well-being and facilitate people daily actions, ensuring autonomy, ease of use, comfort, health, safety, high performances and emotional value: all at the same time. Leura products are designed by Mitzi Bollani, an expert in Design for All, who held significant roles as consultant and planner at European level.

Helpful Design

Leura products are born to solve specific issues. They are flexible and useful for everyone. That is why we have called “Helpful Design” our holistic and multidisciplinary approach. The environment around us is our second skin and it affects our psycho-physical well-being. The respect for multi-culturality, gender and age is a stimulus for us to create innovative, easy-to-use, socially useful, customizable and comfortable products.


Our working method is based on the application of ergonomic and functional standards, combined with high aesthetic and performance values. That allows us to come up with unexpected solutions and find new ways of marketing. Leura s.r.l. products are suitable as facility services: they are customized to the customers needs, gather their satisfaction and develop their loyalty.


Leura was founded in 2008 by Mitzi Bollani who still leads it. She is an expert and consultant in architecture and social sustainability at Italian and European level. Her mission is the health, the child protection and the respect of the diversity. Throw her design, she minimizes the discrimination and facilitates people’s participation.

Collaboration and Trademark

The Leura staff is happy to collaborate with Companies, Institutions and Professionals, providing consulting for the creation of adjuvant environments and the improvement of product functionality in order to answer to unmet needs. Mitzi Bollani releases the “Designed for You&All” trademark that highlights and rewards the degree of accessibility, health and safety achieved and guaranteed.