Toast R

Toast R is a folding, reclining and fireproof chair with high back and adjustable headrest designed to favor the skin-to-skin position between mother and baby for the Kangaroo Mother Care. Solid and comfortable, Toast R is an excellent solution for the Neonatal Intensive Care Units and at home. Toast R is safe because the footrest closes perfectly without creating obstacles for the mother while she sits or gets up with her baby in her arms. The chair can be reclined in different positions, including the Zero Gravity one with which the legs are brought to the height of the heart, promoting mother’s relaxation and her blood circulation. On Toast R people can sit in the desired position and fix it with a simple gesture of the fingers.


The Toast R chair has a dove gray iron tubular structure and a white fire retardant fabric covering. Toast R is a perfect seat for hospital and domestic use because it is antibacterial, easy to clean, flame retardant and latex-free. The dimensions of the open chair are (LxWxH) 117.5×65.5xH112cm, those of the closed chair are (LxWxH) 67×13.5×102.5cm. Toast R is a Designed for You&All product.

Kangaroo Mother Care is the best care action for the pre-term born babies. Newborns are placed vertically on the mother’s bare chest with their belly attached to her body. This mother-infant contact increases the affectivity of mothers and improves the health of children who are more alert, can suckle milk, have a more stable body temperature, have a regular heartbeat and breath and grow more. In addition, this practice relieves the pain that some therapies can cause.

The Kangaroo Mother Care with skin-to-skin position allows the newborn to regain sensations, smells, sounds, noises… experienced in the intrauterine environment, facilitating its faster adaptation to extra-uterine life. It is absolutely important that the mother feels relaxed and comfortable to keep the baby in the right position even for long periods.

Even pre-term babies take advantage of breast milk. It has more protein, fat, sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium and iron than that of mothers with full-term babies. In breast milk there are antibodies, macrophages, lymphocytes, bifid-bacteria, molecules with antibacterial properties and growth factors of the epidermis which have therapeutic effects on lesions of the gastro-intestinal mucosa. It is also important for the child to start immediately a relationship with both mom and dad: the Toast R chair will positively influence the well-being of the whole family.

Toast R is an extremely simple folding and reclining chair that is and very useful in the hospital too. Toast R allows women to keep the baby in the skin-to-skin position for the Kangaroo Mother Care. It can be locked in three different positions: STRAIGHT to allow breastfeeding, INCLINED to make the mother relax with the baby in her arms and ZERO GRAVITY for the Kangaroo position. The chair has an adjustable headrest and can be equipped with the MaBeby breastfeeding pillow.
Thanks to its small size, Toast R can be inserted in hospital rooms to offer mom and dad a comfortable seat on which to rest or hug their child. The chair is also an excellent and practical solution for people who assist hospitalized patients every day. The fabric with which it is coated is fireproof and easy to clean: that is an indispensable requirement for its use in healthcare facilities. Privately the Toast R can also be used for sunbathing, reading, resting after a tiring day, going fishing, having a picnic…

Helpful Design

Toast R is a folding and reclining chair with a footrest that closes perfectly at 90 ° and an adjustable headrest. Robust elastic bands support body pressure and the Zero Gravity position allows people to have excellent back support and improve body circulation.

Emotional Values

Toast R is a chair with simple and linear forms that optimize its functionality both in the hospital and at home to protect the unique relationship that is established between mother and child and to promote the psycho-physical well-being of pre-term born babies.

Its Story

Born to facilitate the Kangaroo Mother Care in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Toast R offers excellent comfort to the mother even during labor and thanks to its small size it can be placed in the hospital rooms for people who assist the patients.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 117,5 × 65,5 × 112 cm

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