Trottola is a multiple seat for outdoors ans indoors, as well as a sculpture, which facilitates socialization. Its soft and playful emotional shape recalls the image of the old wooden spinning tops. Trottola qualifies the environment in which it is inserted, making it recognizable and captivating. It furnishes squares, parks, museum spaces, shopping centers, airports…

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Trottola is a multiple seat for outdoors or indoors made of fiberglass with an internal steel structure. It is finished with polyurethane paint for exteriors, RAL colors chosen by the customer. Available in fixed or rotating versions. The Trottola seat must be positioned on perfectly flat ground. In case of installation in the external environment, it must be fixed with suitable dowels, through the base plate, to a foundation plinth. For the swivel version, it is recommended to place it in free areas, without natural or artificial obstacles, following the safety instructions of UNI EN 1176-1: 2008 even if it is not a game. Dimensions (LxWxH) 170x170x160cm, weight 70kg.

Multi-session for the community

Curvy Design by Mitzi Bollani

Color, Recognition and Fun

Open Spaces and Common Areas

Helpful Design

Trottola makes each space recognizable and, therefore, facilitates the orientation of people especially in large spaces. Everyone can sit as he wishes.

Emozional Values

The multiple seat for outdoors and indoors Trottola has a decorative shape, which integrates well into any environment making it colorful and fun.

Its History

Mitzi Bollani designed Trottola to play with form and colors. Colorful and fun Trottola is appreciated both as indoor and outdoor furniture.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 170 × 170 × 160 cm

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