PuSiCo is a changing table with integrated washbasin suitable for public environments. Elegant and minimal, PuSiCo is velvety and warm to the touch, ideal for the first baths and for changing diapers. The changing table is slightly inclined to allow any liquids to drain directly into the tub which has a shape designed so that the mother can rest her arm while she supports the baby for the bath, thus avoiding the danger of the baby slipping. The rounded shapes facilitate safety and cleaning.


PuSiCo is a changing table with integrated wash-basin made of acrylic stone which is waterproof, scratch-resistant, resistant to moisture, mold and UV rays. The wash-basin can be positioned to the right or left of the changing table. Using a lever operated tap is recommended, it can be placed on the side of the tub or on the wall. The dimensions of the changing table are (LxWxH) 140x58x80cm. Depth of sink 9cm or 18cm. Finally, it is possible to make the changing table with a front protective upstand, the dimensions of this version are (LxWxH) 140x58x80cm.

Change diapers and wash the newborn

Safety and Practicality at Home and Outside

For highly frequented Facilities

Helpful Design

PuSiCo is accessible to people on wheelchairs. It is easy to clean thanks to its linear, rounded and essential shape. The top has a slight inclined modeling that brings any liquids to flow and discharge inside the basin, while the small width facilitates the positioning of PuSiCo inside hospital rooms and toilets.

Emotional values

Its elegant and minimal shelf line, as well as its velvety and warm touch surface, predispose the user. The shallow, rounded tray comforts and reassures the mother by limiting the risk of impact.

His own story

The padded changing table, placed on the sinks of public spaces, do not guarantee hygiene. Water, that gets under it, creates mold and the coating is often torn. Mothers ask for a guarantee of cleanliness and PuSiCo offers a warm surface to the touch, with the shelled corners therefore easy to clean.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 140 × 53 × 80 cm