MaBim is the neonatal cradle for safe co-sleeping. It adapts to any type of bed and is easily detachable in an emergency. MaBim facilitates the rooming-in. Thanks to its openable and rotating side, the mother picks up her baby without getting out of bed and stays in direct face to face contact near him, without the risk of crushing or falling. MaBim is a great solution for women who had a long labor or cesarean delivery.

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MaBim is in transparent and non-toxic methacrylate. The total transparency favors the continuous monitoring of the child. Useful openings along its sides and on its bottom facilitate the cleaning and passage of any cables of heated mattresses or for phototherapy. It is mounted on a white painted steel base with variable height and equipped with four wheels with brake. It is a Medical Device with CE Declaration.

For Twins

A Poetic Shape

The Rotating Side facilitates the Maternal Bonding and protects the Baby

Functional Holes

Transparency at 360°

Helpful for Mothers with disability


Fondazione Monza Brianza per il Bambino e la sua Mamma

Ospedale Santa Chiara di Pisa

Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Ospedale di Carate Brianza

Ospedale Civile di Alessandria

Helpful Design

The MaBim cradle allows a real face-to-face contact of mother and baby . The mother takes him in her arms without getting out of bed. MaBim approaches every bed, chair and wheel chair. It allows the continuous monitoring of the baby. Doctors comfortably visit the newborn without moving him.

Emotional Values

MaBim combines high performance with a poetic form that recalls the wooden cradles of the past, It has not an hospital look. Its transparency allows to always see the baby and its rotating side, placed on the opposite side.  underlines the exclusive relationship between mother and baby.

Its own story

Mitzi Bollani designed MaBim in 2014 under the requests of some Italian hospitals. It was the subject of The ESCCaPE Trial at Sunshine Coast University Hospital (AU) and  now it is well  known worldwide. It is a Medical Device with CE Declaration.

Additional information

Weight 245 kg
Dimensions 75 × 44 × 86 cm

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