Leura srl has been providing innovative products since 2008 to guarantee customers well-being, health and safety, combining technical performance with an emotional design. Its CEO – the architect, designer and sculptor Mitzi Bollani – is a European expert in accessibility, health and safety for all, her curvy design combines tactile and visual sensations with practicality and technique. Leura srl supplies hospital, childcare and urban furniture, medical devices, accessible games and multisensory equipment all over the world.

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The environment that surrounds us is our second skin and positively or negatively influences people’s psycho-physical well-being. This is why Leura srl engages in every project with a holistic approach, which considers all the social, emotional, environmental, economic and technical aspects. Every diversity is an asset for the company, an added value and never a limit. Leura srl products are born from listening to the needs of users to facilitate daily actions and offer well-being.