About Us

Leura srl is an Italian company founded in 2008 by the architect Mitzi Bollani, expert in Design for All, to create innovative products for people's daily life. Mitzi Bollani’s design approach is holistic and multidisciplinary, for this reason she called the work of Leura srl Helpful Design. more


Our original and innovative products combine aesthetic and formal characteristics to safety and ergonomics requirements, ease of use and cleaning, encouraging mental and physical well-being. more

Vision & Mission

Leura srl and Mitzi Bollani believe that the environment is as a second skin and it positively influences our psycho-physical well-being. For that reason they base their work method "Helpful Design" on respecting people in gender, multiculturalism, age, diversity that are always a value and not a limit.


The products of Leura srl solve specific problems, but they often can be used in other contexts as services to the person: Baby Pit Stop, Baby Friendly Hospital, Shopping Center Family Friendly, Follow your heart...

CE Marking

The CE marking indicates that the product complies with all Community provisions throughout its life cycle: from design, to manufacture, placing on the market, supply and disposal of the product . Leura srl offers branded CE products that meet all the requirements and the needs of end users.


NiDondolo - game accessible to all children and adults studied by Mitzi Bollani - has been recognized as an example of good practice Design for All on ECA 2013 and Zero Project Conference 2014.

Label DfY&A

The label Designed for YOU&ALL enhances and highlights to the end users the aspects of functionality, accessibility, health and safety that the product, service or structure respected. The added value of the brand? The aesthetic quality combined with performance standards. more


Leura srl provides its original products and offers its experience to companies, institutions and professionals to create adjuvants environments for all, new services and to improve products that are already in the market.


Whith the project "Segui il cuore..." (follow your heart) lactation stations were created in libraries and museums: the first to join were the MuSe in Trento, the "F. Calvo" Public Library in Alessandria and the Museo della Canapa in Sant'Anatolia di Narco (PG) ITALY.


The staff of Leura srl is at your disposal to provide information and estimates, to jointly develop new projects or ideas to meet your needs and those that are not yet satisfied, to personalize or prototype new products.








Mark DfY&A


Leura srl produces original and innovative products, combining aesthetic and formal requirements to safety, ergonomics, ease of use and cleaning. The aim of Leura srl is offering well-being to people. Often the products are created to solve specific problems but at the same time they could be used in different contexts. Products of Leura srl collect customer satisfaction and they have the "Designed for YOU&ALL" quality mark.


Neonatal cot for co-sleeping and baby's carriage which adapts to any bed and allows direct contact between mothers and new-born babies.


Breastfeeding pillow, lilac or white color, that welcomes the baby when it is very small and avoids the material dispersion in case of breakage.


Motion game suitable for children and adults also with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities, which promotes socialization.


Ergonomic armchair designed to support mother and baby in all breastfeeding positions, including the tandem one to feed twins at the same time.


Footrest for MimmaMà armchairs and Toast chairs made of soft polyurethane to help maintain proper posture while breastfeeding.


Ergonomic and multi-directional chair ideal for WiFi and green areas that allows you to sit as you like and keep everything close at hand.


Washbasin and changing table made of acrylic stone, warm and velvety to the touch, with rounded shapes to clean the baby and change diapers.


A handy functional small sized coffee table designed to complement MimmaMà, with white laminate top and chromed steel disc base.


A small, minimalist, functional and coloful ischial sitting that allows the body to rest during a short break or a moment of socialization everywhere.


Stable and comfortable folding chair with high backrest that allows mom and dad to keep the newborn in the kangaroo or skin to skin position.


Folding and reclining chair that allows mother and father to keep their baby, even premature, in the skin to skin or kangaroo position.


For sports lovers it is the elegant bike rack that allows you to tie the chain without having to bend down thanks to the practical eyelet."

MimmaMà Point

Intimate, safe and cozy spaces that are customizable in shape, size and graphics, where mothers can nurse or cuddle their baby.

Sign ON

Customized mural graphic decoration printed on fire retardant and antibacterial material to expand the spaces and make them emotional.


Chair, sculpture ang game with a soft and playful shape, to sit as you like both indoors and outdoors in squares, museums, hotels ...