Family-Friendly Libraries and Museums

Leura srl is specialized in the products supply for breastfeeding areas and family services of libraries, museums and cultural centres in general. Leura promoted the project “Segui il cuore…” since 2015 to encourage the creation of those services dedicated to mothers and children in cultural venues.

Step 1: Welcome all the Mothers

SUCH AS? Placing self-supporting, personalized and qualified stands in the entrance and common areas of libraries and museums where mothers can breastfeed, pamper and calm their baby.
WHY? To support breastfeeding outside the home, to protect the role of woman as a mother, to defend the Right to Health of women and children, to immediately bring children closer to cultural venues.

VEDI: MimmaMà Point, MimmaMà and Taby

STEP 2: Unisex Spaces for Changing Diapers

SUCH AS? By providing the cultural venue with a unisex area for diaper changes and allowing both parents to take care of their baby.
WHY? To facilitate the attendance of cultural centers by families with young children and their participation in activities and events.

VEDI: PuSiCo, Ormy, Up, Cocoleo and Family Room

STEP 3: Color and Emotion for Adults and Children

SUCH AS? Furnishing with colorful, fun and multi-functional seats that welcome the whole family; creating unique, imaginary and emotional environments also using digitized and printed illustrations on fireproof and washable films to be laid on walls and ceilings.
WHY? Entering into a positive relationship with cultural sites from an early age will allow you to develop a lasting relationship for life.

VEDI: Finferlo, Giano, Trottola and Sign On

What does Leura do?

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