Baby Friendly Hospital

All over the world, Leura srl manufactures and supplies medical products suitable for mothers and children to enhance the maternal bonding, facilitating doctors and para-doctors work and simplify the cleaning and the maintenance operations. Most of our products answer  to health facilities specific request   and are our strong points. Below,  Leura proposals for the Children’s Friends Hospitals.

First Step: Welcoming Mothers

SUCH AS?  Positioning breastfeeding corners at the hospital and clinic entrance and in waiting rooms. Leura breastfeeding corners are called MimmaMà Points: they  are self-supporting, certified, customizable in form and graphics.
WHY? Breastfeeding is a Right to health of mothers and babies. We must protect that women role overall outside home.

SEE: MimmaMà Point, MimmaMà e Taby.

Spazio Allattamento

Second Step : The Prodromic phase and the Breastfeeding  within the first Hour of Birth

SUCH AS? Offering mothers an emotional environment and the MimmaMà armchair. That chair relieves pressure on the perineum during the prodromal phase of childbirth and helps the breastfeeding in the first hour after birth.
WHY? Mothers and their baby are much more serene in a welcoming environment and they feel less pain thanks to the modeling of MimmaMà chair. By starting the breastfeeding immediately after birth, it brings important benefits.

SEE: MimmaMà e Sign On.

Third Step: Facilitating the Rooming-in H24

SUCH AS? Facilitating the safe co-sleeping of mother and baby by the MaBim cot; keeping the correct breastfeeding positions by MimmaMà, which avoids postural and postpartum pain; facilitating the diaper changes and baby hygiene by PuSiCo; living in a peaceful and welcoming environment by Sign On emotional wall graphics.
WHY? A serene mother cheers up her baby who, thanks to her caresses,  calms down, sleeps longer, regulates his breathing. blood pressure and gain weight faster.

SEE: Camera Rooming-in

Forth Step: Breastfeeding and co-sleeping for Twins too

SUCH AS? By choosing the MimmaMà armchair, properly designed to support the “tandem” position and the MaBim Twins cradle that allows the baby to stay closed together, in direct contact with their mother.
WHY’? Their simultaneus breastfeeding ensures the same quality of maternal milk to twins. By sleeping in the same cot, closed to their mother, the babies tend to breathe better and grow faster.

SEE: MimmaMà e MaBim Twins

Poltrona per allattamento - Breastfeeding armchair - Stillstuhl - Sillón de lactancia - Fauteuil d'allaitement

Fifth Step:  Kangaroo Therapy

SUCH AS? Toast R is the comfortable, fire-retardant chaise longue, which reclines up to the Zero Gravity position offering a relaxing Kangaroo Therapy . It is foldable to be stored in little spaces.

WHY’? The skin-to-skin contact increases the mother affectivity: the baby becomes serene, with a stable body temperature, regular heartbeat and breathing. That therapy alleviates the pain of some other therapies.

SEE: Toast R

Sixth Step:  Phototherapy

SUCH AS? The phototherapy mat fits perfectly into the MaBim cradle which has functional slots for the passage of the phototherapy mat cables.
WHY? By using the phototherapy mat , the infant continues his co-sleeping near his mother and their fruitful relationship.

“text-align: justify;”>SEE: MaBim

Seventh Step: Neonatal bed for Intensive and Sub-Intensive Therapy

SUCH AS? BimMa is the neonatal bed facilitating the doctors intervention  on infants with pathologies: removable sides, transparency for the constant monitoring, functional holes for catheters and drip . Its design is captivating.
WHY? Rapid intervention on the child increases the probability of success.  BimMa facilitates parents’ access to his child.

SEE: BimMa

Eighth Step: Neuropsychiatry and Spina Bifida

SUCH AS? NiDondolo develops people proprioception and transforms the rehabilitation into a play. At the slightest touch, it activates a free swinging, rotating and tilting movement, so the physiotherapy exercises can be performed in an easy and fun way.
WHY? Nidondolo is intuitive and stimulating. It trains the patient neuro-motor coordination without monotony.

SEE: NiDondolo

Ninth Step: Hospital Umanisation

SUCH AS? By minimizing the hospital look through SignOn, ignifuge, washable and customizable wall decorations, by provinding relaxation areas with colorful and fun seats like Trottola and Finferlo, inclusive play games like Nidondolo and multi-sensorial Snoezelen environments.
WHY? People live in osmotic way with their environment. It is well known that feeling joy facilitates the healing process and improves the performance of hospital staff.

SEE: Sign On, Trottola, Finferlo, NiDondolo e Snoezelen.