Urban furniture

Leura urban furniture stimulates imagination and irony,
it's Human Friendly
and it colors the environment showing optimism and playfulness.

The urban furniture of Leura s.r.l. aims to create spaces full of visual, tactile, auditory and olfactory stimuli, in which every child, boy or adult is free to move safely, developing their own proprioceptive, psychomotor, cognitive and social skills in total autonomy. The environment and the urban furniture are designed to accommodate people with disabilities or particular conditions of fragility, guaranteeing them fun and excitement, obtaining a completely accessible space.


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colorful and fun


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Trottola is a sculpture to sit down as you like! The soft and playful shape is the image of a spinning top that fits in a curious way in a green or play area. This multiple seat is a decorative and useful element, which can be positioned outdoors as furniture for squares or parks and inside museums, reception areas, entrance halls, shopping centers, airports... Its organic form has been designed to give rise to a flexible, fixed or rotating seat, suitable for children to play together. The possibilities of movement are fun, depending on how the children decide to relate to this unusual shape. Trottola is a game designed to quickly rotate to the ground, the motion that is produced induces it to remain balanced with precision on the tip, by inertia. more

Finferlo is a minimal ischial chair that allows our body to rest during a short stop for a moment of relaxation. The small size makes it very easy to insert in urban contexts, where there is not enough space for a bench, in presence of marked slopes or in green contexts, for example along tracking paths and in parks. The chair is a colored and responds to the different needs of people. It is a functional chair for bus waiting areas and is an aid for those who are walking long distances, it can also be placed in groups for informal relaxation moments. Finferlo has a stainless steel structure and a cast aluminum seat available in all RAL colors. more


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multifunctional chair


to sit down as you like it

AT 360°

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Made of iron, Giano is a comfortable and very functional chair, designed to correctly support the spine in order to avoid the negative consequences of an incorrect posture. Its shape gives flexibility that increases comfort, while multi-directionality offers further advantages: you can sit at 360 ° always finding a support to unload the weight of your body. The backrest also turns into a comfortable armrest or a shelf on which to place a laptop. The folds of the seat become useful compartments to support books, newspapers or a notebook. On the base you can rest the backpack or shopping bags, keeping everything under control. It is an outdoor seat that favors socialization, also used indoors especially in public spaces and in WiFi areas. more

NiDondolo is a game of movement accessible to everyone, which looks like a large bowl that at the slightest movement of the person begins a rotating, oscillating and tilting movement. Children can get on all fours, play lying down, sitting or standing according to skill, without danger. Born to give answers to children with motor, sensory and psychic limitations, it is a fun, useful and stimulating game for everyone, adults included thanks to its robustness. It creates spontaneous integration without giving rise to situations of marginalization. It is an active game that develops proprioceptive capacity. NiDondolo is speed and safety and allows many children to play together simultaneously in a quite small space. more


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The bicycle is not just a means of transport, it is love for fatigue, shared passion, a point of connection between the ancient and the modern, substance and design, the line and the colors. Ladies&G, born for sport lovers, is the elegant and essential bicycle rack that allows to tie the chain without having to bend down, thanks to the practical eyelet that holds the chain in place and prevents it from falling to the ground. Ladies&G can be placed as a single element, in pairs or series in parks, squares, streets... Made of steel Ladies&G is painted in RAL colors. This bike rack is a product marked Designed for YOU&ALL, because it does not require physical effort and meets the needs of those people who easily get tired and have difficulty bending over. A comfortable stop for you and your bike.more