“Segui il cuore…” Project

“Segui il cuore…” is the project launched at the Milano Expo international fair by the C.E.O. of Leura s.r.l. – Mitzi Bollani – to encourage the creation of an international network of Family Friendly Facilities that offer mothers intimate and qualified breastfeeding spaces equipped with certified products suitable for that purpose.

Hospitals, airports, shopping centers, museums, libraries, pharmacies, banks, parks, sports centers … are all invited to join the project. For more information and to know the special offer “Segui il cuore…” CONTACT US.


Breastfeeding is a foundamental Right and it increses the health of both mother and baby. This practice requires a rather long time ranging from 10 to 40 minutes and can be repeated even up to 18 times a day. For that reason it is an important and respectful gesture to offer a specifically dedicated and well equipped area.


The most attended places enjoy great advantages in terms of good reputation and customers’ loyalty by offering a well-equipped and customized breastfeeding area. The heartfelt “Thank you” of many mothers will mean having found support, intimacy and functionality in a special moment of life thanks to you.


Leura proposes the MimmaMà® Point self-supporting stands which are equipped with the specific MimmaMà® breastfeeding chair and made of fire-proof, non-toxic, ergonomic and certified materials. Leura Mother-Baby-Friendly solutions meet both the needs of families and the maintenance requirements of highly attended facilities.

Poltrona per allattamento - Breastfeeding armchair - Stillstuhl - Sillón de lactancia - Fauteuil d'allaitement

Special Offer “Segui il cuore…”

To all people who want to create a MimmaMà® Point breastfeeding corner with the “Segui il cuore…” logo and equipped with the specific MimmaMà® breastfeeding chair, Leura s.r.l. reserves special discounts. Our staff is also available to support customers in optimizing and customizing the service according to their specific needs.