Sole Director: Mitzi Bollani

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Mitzi Bollani and I have been the Managing Sole Director of Leura srl since 2008. My company has been founded to produce MimmaMà: the breastfeeding chair I designed in 2006 following Hospitals requests. I have looked for a Company that could be interested in producing and marketing that chair, but nobody has believed so much as I did in my product, maybe because the market demand was not yet so evident, consequently I founded my own company Leura srl to satisfy customers' needs.

During all these years, the market demand increased and now MimmaMà is known worldwide and required by hospitals, shopping centres, museums, libraries, pharmacies… everywhere there is a mother with her baby who needs to be breastfed.

I studied neither business administration nor marketing but I was trained as an architect and designer who respects people needs and tries to make their life easier by assuring functionality, accessibility, health, safety, emotionality and aesthetic values in their environments. I always put all my heart and passion into my designs and projects and I feel really satisfied and sometimes touched to see that people are happy with them.

I take care of my products as if they were my children and I offer free consultancy to streamline their use and provide the best service to all my customers.

Helpful Design is my motto!

The goal of Leura srl is to satisfy the customers by providing innovation, quality and functionality.