Company Profile

Leura srl

Leura srl is a dynamic company founded in 2008 by the architect Mitzi Bollani- expert in Design for All - to create innovative products designed by herself for people’s daily life. Mitzi Bollani’s design approach is holistic and multidisciplinary, for this reason she called Helpful Design all Leura's activities and products.

Leura's products are tailored on customers and they offer emotion, health, safety, facilitating people's daily actions. Mitzi Bollani has invested her professional life searching for original solutions which enhance the individual and social living environment, responding in advance to people’s future needs.

Vision & Mission

Leura srl and Mitzi Bollani believe that an urban project, a building or a product affect the people’s life. Architecture and good design make people feel better by combining emotion, functionality, accessibility, health and safety. "Diversity" is for Leura and Mitzi Bollani a value, not a limit.

Helpful Design

Leura srl working method is based on the application of ergonomic and functional standards combined with high aesthetic and performance values. Thanks to that method we reach unexpected solutions and we find new marketing strategies ! Leura's products are flexible and useful for everyone.

MimmaMà was specifically designed for breastfeeding and it offers to everyone a great support to everyone welcoming people to work confortably keeping the notebook on their legs. NiDondolo is a motion game, designed for children with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities. It stimulates and keeps the children active, developping their proprioceptive capacities. Nidondolo is suitable for all ages, from infants to adults and it is a welcoming rehabilitation tool.

Leura srl offers innovative products suited as services to people, modular and customizable according to the needs of both users and operators, collecting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our concept of environment

We believe the environment is our second skin and affects our physical and mental wellbeing. Our project, products and services guarantee functionalism, safety, accessibility for All, emotionality. We work respecting the need of the multiculturalism, the gender and age of each person : Leura’s activity is socially useful, customizable and highly newsworthy.


Leura srl offers its experience to companies, institutions and professionals for creating adjuvant environments, new services or for improving products, already in the market, in order to expand the possible users, the functionality and respond to unmet needs.

The Label

The label Designed for You & All enhances and highlights to customers and users all the achieved requirements: functionality, accessibility for all, health, safety and the aesthetic quality. If you share our vision & mission you may request DfY&A label.