Sign ON: a space, an emotion ...



Sign On is a digital emotional illustration, printed on adhesive PVC placeable on walls, ceilings and floors. The illustrations are created specifically on the customer's demand.


Sign On makes perceive the spaces larger thanks to the illusions created with the drawings. It renews the rooms without the need of expensive interventions: it is sufficient to lay it on flat surfaces.


Sign On is printed on high tack adhesive PVC, protected with UV transparent film. It is non-toxic, antibacterial, fireproof and easy to wash with detergents and non-abrasive sponges. Ask for a quote.

Sign ON - digital wall decorations

Sign ON is a digital illustration, realized by Leura in order to emotionally qualify the spaces, making them perceive much larger and more airy than they are in reality thanks to the illusion created by the drawings. Small rooms become extremely welcoming. Our illustrations leave people's imagination free. The illustrations is placed on walls, ceilings and floors to interrupt the square shape of the room. Bringing back our illustration both on the walls and on the ceilings helps to eliminate the box effect of traditional rooms and to give a natural continuity to the created environment.

Our illustrations positively influence the psycho-physical well-being of the people. They are created specially for the customer every time original and unique. Leura offers a turnkey service that includes graphic design, printing of films and their installation. The cost of that realization is really accessible as well as the maintenance over time of the work. Sign on is use for interiors in public and private building. See our creations in the nursery rooms of some shopping centers.


Sign ON: lose yourself in a story ...


A line … to tell a story

a line… draws and sometimes scribbles,

a line… to invent an enchanted garden,

a line… shows a friendly wood with small trees and high mushrooms,

a line… always accompanies and never abandons you,

a line… helps you to see and above all to imagine.

a line… leads you to discover the world,

How is it made?

The illustrations are printed on high tack adhesive PVC stabilized over time, protected with UV-transparent film. Sign On is non-toxic, antibacterial, fireproof and easy to wash with detergents and non-abrasive sponges. It is also possible to create illustrations to be laid on the floor.

The installation of Sign On creates more energetically positive, emotional environments, better for the psycho-physical well-being of the person and allows to quickly renew the space on which to intervene. For its laying it is sufficient to have smooth surfaces. For more information, tell us your idea, request a quote, contact us by writing to


Sign ON: creativity in every environment!


Sign ON - Food Education - discover the Mediterranean diet

Sign ON tells stories related to food education on walls, ceilings and floors. A line draws and accompanies the child to discover an imaginative home environment in which sofa, lamp, rug, television are replaced by unexpected shapes: important nutritional elements of the Mediterranean Diet.

The out-of-scale elements, the colors, the shapes and the creativity allow to transmit every message, realizing with Sign ON environments that stimulate the senses, positively influencing the psycho-physical well-being of people and transforming the space. For more information contact us by writing to