NiDondolo is an inclusive movement game suitable for people of all ages: children, teens and adults. It combines excitement, safety and speed and it is easily used even by children with disabilities, in autonomy, without the help of parents.


NiDondolo allows many children to play together at the same time. It is an active game that develops proprioceptive skills and that is why its smaller version is also an useful psycho-physical rehabilitation's tool.


Game suitable for indoor and outdoor. It does not need to be fixed to the ground. Available in two sizes: large NiDondolo (LxWxH) 190x190x47cm and small NiDondolino (LxWxH) 80x80x24cm. Provide a safety space according to the instructions.

Accessible Parks? NIDondolo! for All the Children included ones with Disabilities

Revolving, Undulating, Swinging Movement in one Game which is a Rehabilitation Tool - All in One

NiDondolo is a welcoming game of movement, suitable both for children of all ages and adults. That game ensures excitement and speed and it is easily used by children with limited abilities without any help from adults. It is a real example of "Design for All" product and a good solution for public playgrounds, which must guarantee accessibility to all the children and peolple. Nidondolo lets children play together independently without any discrimination. NiDondolo looks like a big bowl, a nest in fact, that rotates, twists, turns and swings, with the slightest movement of people using it. Its name comes from a combination of two Italian words: Nido = "nest" and Dondolo = "swing". Children can get into the game by themselves, dropping inside or crawling on all fours and play in it lying down, sitting, standing ... The smallest version - NiDondolino - is a game suitable for babies 0+ and a useful rehabilitation and sports training tool.

How to use it.

Kids can easily play on it crawling, lying down, sitting or standing according to their abilities, without the risk of overturning. Applying a weak push, NiDondolo starts its swinging movement slipping on its ball bearings. If the children follow the thrusts, its movement will undergo spectacular variations, changing its trajectory and increasing its speed. The variety of movement therefore depends on the children's abilities and on the synchrony they will be able to activate with the game and the others. Skateboarders, who know how to manage their own balance with their movement, have fun playing with NiDondolo making special evolutions, ensuring fun to other children sitting in the “bowl”. Kids have fun also running around it, pushing it faster and jumping inside it, as you can see in the video below. Even at full load - we counted 25 kids on NiDondolo playing together !- its speed is guaranteed with a very small effort of the child.

What are the benefits for those who use it?

NiDondolo is a dynamic game: even if the child stays seated he is always active because he must constantly compensate his balance by following the movement of the "bowl". His body works, his muscles grow, his attention remains vigilant. That ongoing activity for maintaining his own balance is called proprioception: the game in its smaller format – NiDondolino - develops that ability and it is used as psycho-motor rehabilitation tool. Children learn how to handle the imbalance conditions, to train their synchrony, coordination and the group play. NiDondolo offers a great opportunity of socialization and integration of people with disabilities. NiDondolo is a very sturdy game suitable both for children and adults: kids can play with their moms and dads. NiDondolo stimulates different senses: the touch thanks to its soft and smooth covering and the feeling of the wind on children skin, the hearing with the noise produced by the sliding of the game on its ball bearings, the sight through the excitement on the children’s faces, their smiles, the world that spins around.

Which advantages has NiDondolo compared to other products?

NiDondolo lets play many children together at the same time: everyone can go on it joining the others without slowing down the movement of the game. Fun is assured and lasts for a long time: NiDondolo suggests more different ways to play than traditional swings, slides and carousels. The game provides the thrill of speed! NiDondolo is ALL in ONE and ONE for ALL! It is particularly suitable for the integration of children with disability: they use it independently and push it effortlessly even at full load to say as Arianna - "Now I'm taking care of you!". Arianna was a girl affected by spina bifida, who tested NiDondolo prototype with her friends during the design process of the game carried out by Mitzi Bollani upon the request of ASBI Spina Bifida Association Italy. NiDondolo teaches group play, facilitates functional and psychomotor recovery, besides training for sports practice. It improves the speed of weight shift from one leg to the other, it helps to keep the balance on the ankles and develops the ability to counteract side impacts: NiDondolo is useful for sports such as skis, tennis, rugby ... It is a fun, useful and stimulating game for a spontaneous integration which avoids marginalization situations.

Sport training and rehabilitation

NiDondolo is very useful for sport training especially for those sports where you need to move your weight from one leg to the other, keep your ankles balanced and counteract any side impact such as skiing, tennis or rugby … NiDondolo answers to the needs of children with physical, sensory and cognitive limitations too. Rehabilitation exercises are easy to be activated by combining physiotherapy practice and fun opportunities. The tool, thanks to its free movement, develops the patients’ proprioception which is the particular sensitivity that allows our body to have the perception of ourselves in relation to the outside world. Exercises with NiDondolo and NiDondolino can revive and develop that proprioceptive ability, giving more efficient performance to the body. NiDondolo are is easy to use, multifunctional, it saves space in physiotherapy outpatient clinics and gyms, it requires less effort for physiotherapists during their work in the therapy because NiDondolo replaces the use of other tools, making physiotherapy more fluid and without interruption./p>

Small spaces for a lot of fun!

NiDondolo means speed, strenght and safety. It allows many children to play together simultaneously in relatively small spaces: in just 4 x 4 metres we saw 25 children actively playing! NiDondolo is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. It does not need to be fixed to the floor for its operation, but it must be placed on a flat surface. NiDondolo has an easy maintenance, it is ideal for parks, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

Speed, safety, fun and integration: this is the challenge of Leura and is called NiDondolo.

When and why NiDondolo has been designed

NiDondolo has been designed by Mitzi Bollani in 2004, under the mandate of ASBI Spina Bifida Association Italy. That Association was looking for an accessible game to place in public parks for supporting the integration and socialisation of their children among the others. Mitzi Bollani designed an innovative and exciting game, which thanks to speed, free movement and different ways of playing, gives fun and emotions to children with or without disabilities, achieving in that way their spontaneus integration. When children play and share time together all the differences are cancelled and there is no distinction between them. NiDondolo has been presented at the Pitti Palace in Florence (IT) in 2006 during the fashion show for kids line of Baci & Abbracci. There, ASBI Launced the fundraising campaign called "Un NiDondolo dove c'è un bambino" (A NiDondolo where there is a child).


PARKS - NiDondolo is an inclusive game that offers the spontaneous integration of all children. NiDondolo is exciting, fast and creative. It defends the Rights of children with disabilities to play together as well as the other children

GYM - NiDondolino is a tool that fully supports the athlete by enabling specific training as well as generic one: strengthening his work on sloppy ankles, speeding up the side passage of the ball, maintaining his centered position even in extreme conditions of disequilibrium.

INFANT AND PRIMARY SCHOOLS - Infant and Primary schools are the places where the child begins the knowledge of himself and of the others by playing. It is essential to foster an integrated socialization, helping children to learn their mutual respect, avoiding any kind of discrimination. This spontaneous integration of children with different abilities and skills will be facilitated using accessible products designed to avoid discrimination. Leura srl realizes the game of movement NiDondolo which has been designed by Mitzi Bollani, an expert in Accessibility for All. Children can play on it independently or all together. It is a game suitable for children with autism too: its free movement in all the directions is stimulating and never equal. So it prevents their isolationist tendency allowing them to have fun with others.

HOSPITAL - NiDondolino, the smaller size of NiDondolo, is a useful tool for rehabilitation and functional recovery. Its three free movements allow multiple physiotherapy exercises, effortless for both the patient and the therapist. The NiDondolino donated by INA Assitalia to the Childhood Neuropsychiatry and Psychology Unity of ASL in Piacenza ITALY allowed to easily regain the functionality to young patients. "When we work with children - said the Director Dott. Giuliano Limonta - we try to set our activities with ludic perspective, in order to motivate and involve them as much as possible in the physiotherapy exercises."

Comments of the users

Ilaria "NiDondolo is the thrilling game that goes as fast as I wish ...", Mark (father)" I can play with my two years old daughter, in the park as well as at home! NiDondolo is really for ALL" , Nicole ( mother of a 20 years son with cognitive impairment) “ My son loves to play with children, doing the same game! NiDondolo  lets do it!” Marco, Stefano and Giulio “We love the music of NiDondolo” , Giorgio (father) “my child is blind and he love to ear the mechanic sound of NiDondolo’s wheels  and the fresh air on his face”. Laura and Michela “ We sit on NiDondolo for inventing and telling fabulous tales to our friends  ”


The NiDondolo has been evaluated by UL-ICQ and certified to EN 1176-1: 2008 - "Equipment Areas Game. General Safety Requirements and Test Methods." and EN 1176-5: 2008 - "Additional Requirements Security and Test Methods for Roundabouts. NiDondolo has the brand Designed for YOU & ALL and has been recognized as an example of good practice Design for All of ECA in 2013 and Zero Project 2014.


NiDondolo is available in two formats:
- Cod.2010 NiDondolino (LxWxH) 80x80x24cm, age 0+
- Cod.2020 NiDondolo (LxWxH) 190x190x47cm, age 4+
Safe Working Class: 400 kg


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