MimmaMà® is the unique breastfeeding chair designed to support mothers and babies in all breastfeeding positions (cradle, cross-cradle, football and tandem tandem for the contemporary feeding of twins, giving a comfort that beds and common chairs do not guarantee. It is an excellent Italian product which combines ergonomic performance with a singular shape: the poetic image of a woman embracing and protecting the mother with her baby.


The modelling of its seat prevents mothers from postural pains and relieves post partum ones due to wounds and complications, by reducing the pressure on the perineum and unloading body weight on the legs. MimmaMà® offers the mother an excellent support for arms, back and shoulders and supports both the newborn and the most grown up child. Its special design make it recognizable as a Symbol of Respect for the Right to Health of mother and baby.


MimmaMà® is a patented product, marked Designed for You&All, registered in the Medical Device list with CE declaration and the Australian T.G.A. Its seat is made of soft polyurethane covered in eco-leather (PVC). Ergonomic, flame retardant, antibacterial, latex-free, easy to sanitize and to use, the nursing chair MimmaMà® is available in different models and colors and it fits easily into any public or private environment.


MimmaMà 365900N

Seat made of polyurethane foam with internal steel frame. Covered in eco-leather colors lilac, white, yellow and green. Stamped-aluminum base painted in burgundy color, with removable footrest. Dimensions (LxWxH) 74x67x93cm weight 25kg.
Medical Device with CE marking.

MimmaMà 365900L

Seat made of polyurethane foam with internal steel frame. Covered in eco-leather colors lilac, white, yellow and green. Flat disc base with column made of polished chrome stainless steel. Swivel. Dimensions (LxWxH) 74x67x90cm weight 29kg.
Medical Device with CE marking.

MimmaMà 365900S

Seat made of polyurethane foam with internal steel frame. Covered in eco-leather colors lilac, white, yellow and green. Base with four arched legs made of tubular steel painted in gray color. Dimensions (LxWxH) 74x67x91cm weight 15kg.
Medical Device with CE marking.

MimmaMà 365900R

Multi-seat in polyurethane foam with internal steel frame. Covered in eco-leather colors lilac, white, yellow and green. MimmaMà 365900R2 is composed of two seats on a linear bar base made of steel. Dimensions (LxWxH) 190x67x91cm. MimmaMà 365900R3 is composed of three seats on a linear bar base made of steel. Dimensions (LxWxH) 300x67x91cm.


Footrest 365900 P

Footrest made of self-skinning burgundy polyurethane. That foortrest in included in the base of MimmaMà 365900N and it can be combined with all other models. The footrest is essential to unload the body weight on the legs and maintain the correct posture. Dimensions (LxWxH) 37x40x10/14cm.


Pillow Mabeby 365900 C

Breastfeeding pillow in pure siliconized polyester staple with double lining of which the external one is in white eco-leather. The pillow helps the mother to bring the child closer to the nipple by filling the voids between the woman and the chair. Dim. (LxWxH) 44x24x11/14cm.

Why is it recommended the use of the unique and specific MimmaMà® chair?

The correct posture

The maternal lactation takes various times and sometimes is very long, for that reason it is recommended to choose the most comfortable position to avoid postural pain. Mother must be relaxed, with her back straight and perfectly adherent to the MimmaMà's backrest, her feet resting on the MimmaMa's footrest at the suitable distance to maintain her correct posture.

The MimmaMà® nursing chair offers optimal support for shoulders, arms, back and lumbar area. Its armrests' width, height and roundness support the mother and her child, keeping her baby to the right position in full comfort, assuring a correct attachment to her nipples, avoiding the annoying fissures. Being able to change the different positions in absolute comfort, the mother empties all her milk ducts avoiding mastitis.

The soft footrest, placed under the base of MimmaMà N, can be extracted using the tip of the mother's foot. It allows the mother to maintain her correct posture without slipping. After the breast-feeding the footrest can be inserted back into the MimmaMà's base by pushing it with heels,thus allowing the mother to get up without danger. A soft, fireproof and antibacterial pillow helps to keep the baby in the correct position expecially when the baby is very small.

To reduce the pains of the first days

After giving birth, the mother is tired and painful. Her back hurts due to the pregnancy and her perineum area hurts due to spontaneous or surgical wounds of childbirth. The MimmaMà® lactation chair is molded with particular care in the seat, allowing to unload the weight of the body only on her legs avoiding to compress the perineum and thus relieving the pains of the mothers.

The benefits for people who use MimmaMà

The MimmaMà® breastfeeding chair's benefits are varied and unique:
- it supports the mother and the child in all breastfeeding positions whithout slipping;
- it is the only chair that allows the simultaneous breastfeeding of twins assuring them the same quality of milk;
- it helps to maintain the correct position of the child on the nipple, thus avoiding the fissures;
- it allows the mother to alternate breastfeeding positions thus freeing the milk ducts and avoiding mastitis;
- it avoids postural pains due to incorrect positions because supports the back and shoulders;
- it reduces the pain due to the wounds of childbirth and therefore allows the mother to fully enjoy the relationship with her child during breastfeeding;
- it is a medical device with CE marking registered in the lists of the Italian Ministry of Health and at the Australia TGA.

MimmaMà's advantages that other armchairs do not have

The MimmaMà® breastfeeding chair is a patented product, specially designed to support the mother and her baby during the lactation. Ergonomic and comfortable, it is the only one that offers a correct posture while she is keeping her baby in the different breastfeeding positions, above all the tandem one for twins. It is the only armchair whose particular modeling in the session attenuates the pains of wounds or hemorrhoids resulting from childbirth. It has all the features to be used in hospital as well as in public places: it is fireproof, it does not contain latex, it is covered with anti-mold fabric and for that reason it is also suitable to be placed in swimming pools. MimmaMà® is easy to use and to clean: you can clean it just with a damp cloth, neutral soap and dry it with a dry cloth, without using abrasive sponges or other cleaning products.

A chair designed for breastfeeding: ergonomic, functional and comfortable for everyone

Designed for real life

Ergonomic, enveloping, attractive. With a design in favor of the person. Functional. MimmaMà is not only for mothers: you can just try it to understand its value and difference.
The wide armrests are a welcoming and relaxing support: an absolute pleasure for anyone.
The quality of finishes, made by the best Italian artisans, places MimmaMà at the TOP of Made in Italy products.
At home MimmaMà becomes for everyone a convenient and practical workstation to work with the notebook, since its shape leaves the elbows free to move and avoids postural pains because it facilitates the correct posture.
We invite you to choose your favorite color from the wide range below.

How it was born

MimmaMà® was designed by Mitzi Bollani, in 2007 on the request of Dr. Stefania Sani, Director of Neonatology and Paediatric Ward of the Pistoia Hospital. Dr Sani had the sensitivity to search an effective and innovative response to facilitating and continuing the breastfeeding, solving the nursing mothers' difficulties and pains. MimmaMà® has not a hospital connotation: it is a sculpture, the poetic image of a woman who welcomes the new mother to give her relief, protection and support while feeding her baby. That was the first idea of the architect Mitzi Bollani who designed it: the hug of a mother - a gift - a wish - an aid.

Often Mothers live their first difficulties in nursing their babies with anxiety, almost they feel inadequate. They have the concern that her baby does not eat enough, they soffer for mastitis and ragadis, and post partum pain : those things deprive the mothers of the magic of this tender and priceless moment, leading them to choose the infant formula.

Mitzi Bollani modeled MimmaMà® armchair giving it a particular shape of the sitting to avoid the pressure in the perineal area and offer good lumbar, back, arms and legs support. The high, wide, thick and rounded armrests help mothers to relax and easy high, large and support their babies in all the breast-feeding positions, facilitating the emptying of milk ducts to avoid the risk of the painful mastitis.

Proper body posture prevents contractures and pains due to uncomfortable long-held positions. Without pains, Moms soon learn how to keep their babies in the nursing positions. MimmaMà® was modeled in detail to find ergonomic solutions to be adapted to every person, without mechanical adjustments.

MimmaMà® is a Medical Device included in the lists of the Ministry of Health, having Ce marking and "Designed for You & All" label that means it assure Accessibility, Health and Safety for all; MimmaMà® is born from the sensibility of a female architect -Mitzi Bollani - who listen and answer to the people needs, searching innovative solutions.