Hospital Humanization

The commitment of Leura s.r.l. is making a peaceful and adjuvant environment, eliminating as much as possible the conditions of stress for enhancing people wellbeing. Our staff firmly believes the hospital humanization process cannot exclude a suitable environmental context organization and the necessary requirements to guarantee to people a better quality of life. It is known that each person reacts in an osmotic way with the environment in which he/she lives.

The hospital requirements are above all hygiene, efficiency and competence. All those requirements can be emphasized by forniture and finishings. If spaces give serenity, intimacy, relaxation and joy, the feeling of well-being increases. Experiencing joy facilitates the healing process and improves the performance of the medical and paramedical staff.

Leura s.r.l. is accustomed to enhancing emotional aspects in addition to functional and productive quality, the staff is always available to help the different realities bring improvements even with simple solutions.