About Us

Mitzi Bollani has invested her professional life researching for innovative solutions which enhance the individual and social living environment, responding in advance to people’s future needs. Expert in Design for All, she combines the architect and researcher activities founding Leura srl. more

Vision & Mission

Leura srl and Mitzi Bollani believe that an urban project, a building or a product affect the people’s life. Architecture and good design make people feel better by combining emotion, functionality, accessibility, health and safety. "Diversity" is for Leura and Mitzi Bollani a value, not a limit.


The label Designed for YOU&ALL enhances and highlights to the end users the aspects of functionality, accessibility, health and safety that the product, service or structure respected. The added value of the brand? The aesthetic quality combined with performance standards. more


Our original and innovative products they combine aesthetic and formal characteristics to safety and ergonomics requirements, ease of use and cleaning, encouraging mental and physical well-being. more


NiDondolo - game accessible to all children and adults studied by Mitzi Bollani - has been recognized as an example of good practice Design for All on ECA 2013 and Zero Project Conference 2014.


The products of Leura srl are created to solve specific problems, but they often can be used in other contexts: Baby Pit Stop, Baby Friendly Hospital, Shopping Center Family Friendly, Follow your heart...


Leura srl as well as providing its own original products offers its experience to companies, institutions and professionals for creating environments adjuvants of all and new services or for improving products already in the market in order to expand the possible users, the functionality and respond to unmet needs.


The only armchair specifically designed to support mother and child in all breastfeeding positions.

MimmaMà Point

They are mother-friendly stations of excellence to breastfeed, cuddle and reassure the child in private.


The neonatal cot to facilitate co-sleeping and to accelerate maternal bonding during rooming-in.


The folding chair for N.I.C.U. which allows to breastfeed a baby and to keep him in the skin to skin position.


A washbasin-changing table with rounded corners, warm and velvety to the touch, for the hygiene of the baby.


The motion game for everyone, children and adults, even with physical, sensory or cognitive limitations.


A chair, sculpture ang game with a soft and playful form, to sit as you like, perfect both indoors and outdoors.


Multi-directional ergonomic chair ideal for WiFi zone that allows you to keep everything close at hand.


Small ischial sitting, functional and colorful, for a short break or a moment of socialization everywhere.


It is the elegant and essential bike rack for sports lovers that allows you to tie the chain without having to bend down.